Application -- Punchin' Judy

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Application -- Punchin' Judy

Post  Headcase on Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:01 am

By filling in this application you declare your Out Of Character and In Character age is above 18+. Anyone found to be violating this primary rule will be removed from the guild without question. I also accept the Super Group contains themes of an adult nature and will abide by SSC Rulings listed below;

Safe: Attempts should be made to identify and prevent risks to health.
Sane: Activities should be undertaken in a sane and sensible cast of mind.
Consensual: All activities should involve the full consent of all parties involved.

Your Characters Name:
Punchin' Judy@Wilhelm Scream

Your Characters Gender:

Your Characters Age:
(Text Here)

Your (As in Player's) Date of Birth:

Your Characters Species:
Human (Mutant)

Your Personal Roleplay Experience:
I've been RPing longer than some of you've been alive :p


Where did you hear about House of Thorns?:
From Fetish, that's how long ago I've been in. :p

What appeals to you the most about the Guild?:
The 5% discount from Panera Bread if you show up in full BDSM gear

In what way do you see yourself contribute to the Group?
Trying to help along newbs from a thin veneer of being one. Like topping from the bottom, but different.

What's your characters traits; Their flaws, their strengths?
Aside from her crippling physical limits (her torso's muscle density is over 20 times that of a normal human; her other tissues are merely as strong as normal), she's actually pretty together. She's a little inexperienced when it comes to romance or sex, but she genuinely cares for other people and has been happily living hand-to-mouth just from donations given her by the people she's helped.

What position do you see your Character in the House of Thorns?
Greeter or big sister.


What times do you play?:
Variable, looking like it'll be 12:30 AM-on M-F for a bit.

What day would be best to play your House of Thorns Character?:
Weekends, but that'll still be limited.

Cake or Pie?:
I can't jump out of pie.

Thanks for taking time to fill this in!

"I have reviewed the common questions thread"

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Re: Application -- Punchin' Judy

Post  Lilith on Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:18 am

Let's RP it out, Milly. Smile
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