Trixxie Fight (Does not take place at Fetish Fuel, open )

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Trixxie Fight (Does not take place at Fetish Fuel, open ) Empty Trixxie Fight (Does not take place at Fetish Fuel, open )

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(( Hello there. Juat as the subject line explains this set of rp does not take place in Fetish Fuel. The Location is the Millennium City Arena, and setting is a NWWF- National women wrestling federation event.
Over the last week I have had the pleasure of brief rp with members of House of Thorns and Trixxie usually invites people she chats with to come see her perform. The rp for the fights is that while safety is taken into concern no fight is decided until in the ring.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I the writing. This fight will take place in two to three main posts with breaks i in between. Thank you! ))

She’s alone in the locker room and half the lights are off making things look like they have no shadows. The mirror of her locker helps her get the bunny ears in place and she feels the tingle as each bonds to her scalp. Instant cosmetic surgery made easy through innovations in cosmetic technology, something that helps super heroes keep their super secret lives to themselves. Trixxie isn’t a secret though, she’s not about hiding tonight and counts her breathing till she hears the locker door open.
“Five minute call.” And the door shuts behind the male voice now moving on to deliver another message. She lifts the almost alien orb like device, holding it inches from the scar hidden between breasts and leathers.
“Nanites to sleep mode.” The orb lights up at her voice as if eager to hear her and the reply strikes her as almost sad.
“Sleep mode, nanites will only activate in response to class three trauma.” In other words enough damage to kill her, and she strokes the orb as if to reassure.
“Don’t worry, won’t even come close to that.”
She shuts the orb in the locker, sets her security code and walks steadily on dark purple boots to the door. Outside it’s the racket of back stage; people running to get things in order, camera men and sound folks sweating over consoles hooked to rats nest of wires. There is music to but it’s hard to hear over the crowd. Managers chat, exchanging cards, notes and of course cash. Trixxie already received her first cut of ticket sales based on estimates. Win or loose she’s already paid, but that’s not what draws her to the covered entry way to the ramp and ring.
It’s the excitement of the fight and she’s already bouncing, nearly skipping.

“Hey Trix!” The other woman is nearly as tall, muscled and as usual wearing leopard print that matches her flax hair.
“Sav..hey caught your match last week, good moves.” She genuinely feels happy yo see the other woman. Savannah’s career was in question a month ago after she finally tied the knot with a husband that was gone a little to often. The rumor was he was moonlighting with sorcery and intend to stop gangs. Seemed couples had more to contend with than just cheating these days or rough work hours.
“Thanks, I stumbled into this new trainer.” She laughs “keeps saying my skills wasted and I should take up the ‘cause’..” she winks “like someone else I know.”

Trixxie blushes. Its well known she moonlights as a hero, dealing with gangs and the various terrorist groups. Most think she has some sort of super suit stashed away, and only a few know about the device within her.

“If you do just be careful. Getting shot sucks way more than a backbreaker.” Its nervous talk, just something to affirm that the next fifteen minutes aren’t personal. Trixxie smiles, hugs the other woman and whispers; “I love fighting you, lets just have fun and we both win when the crowds on there feet.” It’s a quote she read from some professional wrestlers biography. She likes it because it’s the closest thing that describes how she feels when Savannah’s African drum music starts and she jogs to the ring to rope pose.

The crowd cheers, signs wave and even a couple of very loud Tarzan like cries. Trixxie watchs from behind the curtain with a grin waiting for her music to starts. The lights flicker and her heart skips a beat, crowd shouting and beginning to hiss as the techno-white rabbit song starts like some slow, broken record player.
She strides out onto the ramp moving from a walk, to skip, and then a parody like hop. Reaching the ring she slides in up onto knees and bounds her chest in mock display of Savannah’s own entry. The crowds jeering a bit and then she just hops to her feet, standing tall, shoulders back and staring straight at Savannah.

The bell rings

Savannah’s smart and doesn't charge as she remembers the rabbit’s habit of kicking those that do. She starts to close in from the side, arms up, defensive and flexing her hands to grapple.
Trixxie just holds perfectly still, arms at her sides, staring, responding to nothing. She waits till her opponent is almost within reach and then suddenly does a little hop. It catches the crowd off guard and Savannah, both gasp, crowd jumps and Savannah takes a hesitant step back that puts her off balance for a moment.
A moment Trixxie puts to use charging the other woman and bringing her forearm across the other woman’s chest. The force combined to being off balance knocks Savannah to the mat and Trixxie pauses to look down, as if surprised and then prance around the ring as if pleased by her trick.

The crowd is not pleased, jeering at her and a few hurl cups of popcorn. She turns back just in time to face Savannah on her feet moving in on her. The jungle print woman comes in with some quick jabs to Trixxie’s sides and one fast palm strike to her chin that makes her head ring before she gets her own arms to position. By then Savannah’s getting into position and wrapping arms around her cotton-tailed opponent lifts her up, twisting to slam her bodily to the mat! Wind exits Trixxie’s lungs but she still manages to roll away, getting some distance and a few breaths. She rolls up about half the ring away, stands and charges, leaping after three strides into the air to plant both her boot heels right into her opponents chest. Trixxie lands in a crouch as Savannah is propelled back into the ropes and bounces off them even as her hands hug chest. The crouched rabbit girl catches her around the waist and lifting using her legs hurls the other woman up into the air behind her and the impact on the mat makes Trixxie bounce.

The crowds cheer is her warning as turning she realizes to lat Savannah had landed on her feet!
The kick catches her in the gut and again she finds lack of oxygen in her lungs as she doubles over trying to get her arms up defensively. She feels Savannah wrap arms around her head and neck, pulled forward in the judo style throw and impacted again to the mat to the roar of the crowd. Savannah moves in for the pin, pressing Trixxie’s shoulder down, but the ref doesn't even get to start the count as Trixxie whips legs up, bending and wrapping them around the flaxen head. Savannah flips over her in a ungraceful heap and Trixxie is content to simply squeeze her in the leg hold while catching her own breath as her opponent begins to choke.
Unfortunately the backside of Trixxie’s legs are to her opponent who punches hard into the back of leg muscle till it cramps with protest and Trixxie has to bend it, allowing Savannah her own retreat.
They stand, facing each other as the second tick by and then as one charge.

(( To be continued))


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