Application: Avenger

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Application: Avenger

Post  Blickwinkel on Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:11 am

By filling in this application you declare your Out Of Character and In Character age is above 18+. Anyone found to be violating this primary rule will be removed from the guild without question. I also accept the Super Group contains themes of an adult nature and will abide by SSC Rulings listed below;

Safe: Attempts should be made to identify and prevent risks to health.
Sane: Activities should be undertaken in a sane and sensible cast of mind.
Consensual: All activities should involve the full consent of all parties involved.

Your Characters Name:
Leon Chevenko, Avenger, handle: EsapadaSoldado

Your Characters Gender:
Your Characters Age:
28(Biologically), Unknown(Chronologically)

Your Characters Species:
Human(Spirit Walker)

Date of Birth:January 28th, 1988

Your Personal Roleplay Experience:
I have roleplayed for over ten years now. The kind of characters I roleplay span the spectrum from the idealistic newcomer, to the necessary evil anti-villain who knows that he is damned, even if his cause remains noble. I've roleplayed in Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, Everquest II, and a variety of roleplay forums over the past ten years. I've done superhero, urban roleplay, victorian, medieval, post apoc, most genres within the traditional ranges of mainstream roleplay. I also have rped in traditional games such as Dark Heresy, Paranoia, and WOD(not my personal favorite). My favorite character to roleplay was Fergus Mcsweeny, an immortal and otherwise invunerable character that had the misfortune of being an otherwise mundane human. He had no special abilities; his only skills were that of a common soldier. He time and time again subjected himself to the forces of fate and experienced often grueling and grimly comedic situations that involved him taking beatings, but he always beared it with a wry sense of optimism.

Where did you hear about House of Thorns?:
I honestly searched in google for mature, adult roleplay and this was the first post I saw. I recalled hearing from my old contacts in Ministry of Order about a mysterious superhero group that catered to the more hedonistic and mature side of Champions.

What appeals to you the most about the Guild?:
The Club has that adult atomosphere lacking in most other roleplay guilds. You can still be a good guy at the end of the day, but that does not mean you have to maintain a dull social life. Also, it's realistic in the fact you can get inside the head of your characters, and explore the notion of the people "behind the mask."

In what way do you see yourself contribute to the Group?
I have experience in artwork. I'm currently going back to the basics and extensively working from my own sources and studying various selected art styles of "comic book" art. Also, I have some competency with computer programming.

What's your characters traits; Their flaws, their strengths?
My character at his inception was a bitter shell. He despised having been stuck in the time period where he become the embodiment of his idealistic true self. Originally he played a lone wolf persona, but as time went along, he saw that even though people had naive viewpoints of the world, their pursuit of justice and utter selflessness reawoken him to why he wanted to be a hero as a child. Avenger's weakness comes from his inability to hide the truth from people. He often retains a cynical and dry sense of humor that can irk some and entertain others. Not socially awkward, but he often has trouble with alcohol even in his current state.

His greatest strength is his unfettered conviction to accomplish his goals. Others claim to be willing to go the extra mile, but when it comes down to it, Leon has no qualms about performing a daunting and otherwise suicidal task. Also, his willingness to assist others without any personal gratitude and often a sarcastic remark shows his remerging kindness from a bitter existence to a life of redemption and seeking help from others when needed.

What position do you see your Character in the House of Thorns?
My character has a hobbish sense of charm. He often points out the flaws in a plan not as a downer, but a fixer. He leaves his suggestions as if they were someone else's, and allows them to take the credit. Surprisingly, people often come to him to talk about their issues and he generally helps them to understand their situation. Avenger knows an extensive amount about battle tactics, archaic weaponary, and modern machinery. He desires to assume a leadership position in order to help his own problems and also to allow people who have doubts about their abilities to not worry. A leader should always bear the burden, but acknowledge when to share it with their group.


What times do you play?:
Generally, 2pm-12am(Window of Time) Realisticly: 3pm-6pm EST EST weekly, Weekends(F-S-S): 12pm-6pm(window of time)

What day would be best to play your House of Thorns Character?:
Anyday of the week due to my schedule, but preferablly Friday-Sunday. Friday would be the best.

Cake or Pie?:


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Re: Application: Avenger

Post  Mind_Puck on Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:40 am

Welcome! Take a sec to check out the stickied thread in this forum - and also let us know if you have any questions!

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Re: Application: Avenger

Post  Angelica on Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:04 pm

Hello and thank you for the application. Smile As the old goat mentioned, please be sure you've read the stickied threads in this forum. Also @EsapadaSoldado is your global, right? Feel free to add any of ours and look us up online to RP. (Mines @Animaniac)

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Re: Application: Avenger

Post  Lilith on Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:38 pm

Hello, Avenger. Thanks for visiting us and providing an application. Smile
Matriarch of the House

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Re: Application: Avenger

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