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Post  Invictus on Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:12 am

By filling in this application you declare your Out Of Character and In Character age is above 18+. Anyone found to be violating this primary rule will be removed from the guild without question. I also accept the Super Group contains themes of an adult nature and will abide by SSC Rulings listed below;

Safe: Attempts should be made to identify and prevent risks to health.
Sane: Activities should be undertaken in a sane and sensible cast of mind.
Consensual: All activities should involve the full consent of all parties involved.

Your Characters Name:

Your Characters Gender:

Your Characters Age:

Your (As in Player's) Date of Birth:

Your Characters Species:

Your Personal Roleplay Experience:
Dungeons and Dragons, Battletech, some White Wolf. RP Guilds and servers in UO, EQ, EQ2, WoW, Vanguard, City of Heroes, Runes of Magic, Neverwinter Nights, Diablo 2. Any online game you can Roleplay, I've probably tried it.. all the way back to the comical AOL Chat Rooms.


Where did you hear about House of Thorns?:
I saw random people RPing in Caprice.

What appeals to you the most about the Guild?:
I could be in any guild really. Outside of gaming, I am into the alternative lifestyle presented by the guild. I'm tired of joining guids just to do grinding and trying to get "epics" in these games. I'd rather join a guild for something different. Also, I prefer playing with older folks. I got nothing against the younger generation playing games, but I don't think people under 18 should be playing MMOs.

In what way do you see yourself contribute to the Group?
I expect (in fact I prefer) that he is looked upon with a wary eye. I play the character in a way that encourages people to not like him. He is not friendly, or compassionate. I want him to be "That guy we hate, but is so violent that we really should keep him around in case something goes down."

What's your characters traits; Their flaws, their strengths?
Invictus is hateful and cold. He does good only because good pays well. If Defender was paying him to kill other heroes, he would probably rather do that. He is blind, and "feels" the world around him through a power called "deconstruction theory." Aside from a vicious resolve, godly aim, and ruthless cunning, pretty much anything else about Invictus could be considered a flaw. Except to him.

What position do you see your Character in the House of Thorns?
Invictus wants something to do. If you need somebody killed, that's why he exists, in his mind. He doesn't want to know your hopes and dreams, or how you've come to exist. If the pay was greater than the current job, he'd rather kill you instead. People to bounce ideas off of regarding the best way to do "wet work" might be the only thing vaguely resembling a reason for why he would want to associate with anybody outside of learning enough about them to succesfully put a round through their head. Most of all, Invictus is strategic, and fiercely intelligent. He knows that some of the biggest payoffs might require other people, despite how much he hates them. For that reason, he will seek out a group to belong to, but likely piss most of the members off. However they will find his ruthless resolve, undying will, and uncanny weapon skill invaluable enough to look past how much he ticks them off. (Maybe)


What times do you play?:
Eastern Time Zone - Anytime after 6pm M-F and anytime the urge grabs me on the weekends. However I am most likely to play in the evening. Of note, would be that I am most likely drinking while I'm playing. It helps me bring out the character, and let's face it, it's so much cheaper than going to a bar. Personally, I blame Warcraft for making me only able to stomach an MMO if I'm drinking alcohol while playing.

What day would be best to play your House of Thorns Character?:
Friday and Saturday nights are my prime MMO time. But now and then on the weekday evenings I'll play too. If I have off the next day, I'm game to hang until god knows what hour.

Cake or Pie?:
Cake. With Blood.

Thanks for taking time to fill this in!
You're quite welcome.



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Application:  Invictus Empty Re: Application: Invictus

Post  Empathy on Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:00 am

Er .... you did read the sticky notes at the top right ........... the whole killing thing is rather frown on by the house, sure accidents can happen .. but contract killing ...

Um Lilith? All yours!


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Application:  Invictus Empty Re: Application: Invictus

Post  Angelica on Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:31 am

First, please make sure you've read all the sticked threads for applicants.

Invictus, we are 'Heroes w/ hobbies'. We may have passtimes that seem unusual to the outside world but we are heroes first and foremost. Our relationships as heroes, as a semi-secret society, and in our interpersonal 'hobbies' are all based on trust. Someone who cares nothing (or little) for other's lives or emotions can't be trusted with them and would not fit in or be invited in. The House isn't a normal SG, it's basis is a centuries old Society that has always been invite only, someone the members hate has no reason to be tolerated. Ruthlessness and skill with a weapon are not likely to be valued unless the aspirant first demonstrates loyalty, compassion, and respect for others and the values and rules we abide by. If they cannot, it would be neither safe nor sane to allow that person into the inner working of the House.

Now, that being said we're not here to dismiss that style of play or character, I've had a few anti-heroes myself over the years. Feel free to interact with us, pursue your roleplay and perhaps you'll grow on us, or your character will grow in a direction that he'll be a good fit.

Note that I am NOT an officer, so my words are in no way final or indicative of thier opinions, merely my own.

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Application:  Invictus Empty App

Post  Invictus on Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:41 pm

Hmm... well, it should be kept in mind that this is just how he is right now. Certainly who knows how I'll flesh him out as I interact with others in game, because thus far, it's been a fairly solo experience.

I did read the stickies, but not the history one. I was not aware that the SG was quite as heroic as it is.

Keeping that in mind, I do have other characters that are not quite so.. "chaotic neutral" if you would. Maybe if I see SG members around on one of those characters, I'll try to pitch in some RP, but I'll steer clear with Invictus.

Thanks for the feedback.


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Application:  Invictus Empty Re: Application: Invictus

Post  Lilith on Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:12 pm

Yes, we do have a definite theme. Despite our mature, kinky nature, we are heroes, and we do not admit willfull ciminals into our ranks.

Feel free to hit us for RP, and we can see how things develop with whatever character you have in mind.
Matriarch of the House

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Application:  Invictus Empty Re: Application: Invictus

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